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Dwarf 2 Smart Telescope Review

Dwarf 2 Smart Telescope Review

With a wide range of smart telescopes, Dwarf 2 is a game-changer that’s ideal for stargazing novices and seasoned skywatchers. If you’re trying to not break your budget and yet would still like to have features you’d only see in higher-end models, Dwarf 2 can make that a reality.

From automated calibration, a dual camera system, and advanced tracking to increased portability, the Dwarf 2 smart telescope might be exactly what would fit both your needs and your budget. Therefore, in our Dwarf 2 smart telescope review, we’ll show you what you can expect from this telescope and whether or not it’s worth getting one.

Dwarf 2 Smart Telescope Review

In our in-depth review, you can explore how Dwarf 2 stands up to vast demands, but we’ll also assess how user-friendly this telescope is and what’s the value for money like.

Automated Calibration

Automated calibration ensures that the Dwarf 2 provides an easy entry into the world of astrophotography. With the automated calibration, Dwarf 2 simplifies what is usually a very complex process. Instead, once you place a Dwarf 2 on the spot and run the calibration process, the telescope will assess its position against the night sky.

This feature essentially makes the telescope understand its location on Earth, and with minimal intervention needed, the exploration of celestial bodies is simplified right from the start. However, this feature helps beyond the initial setup. Dwarf 2 telescope allows you to select celestial objects you’d like to track and it’ll automatically find the object for you by autonomously aligning itself with the selected target.

There’s also a robust guide system, which comes with educational tutorial videos so you can also learn with the help of this telescope how to manually do certain things instead of only relying on autonomy. However, if you decide to fully rely on Dwarf 2, you’ll love the user-friendly design and use.

Focus and Imagining Capabilities

With its advanced technological framework, the Dwarf 2 telescope is designed to make astronomy and natural observations accessible and very rewarding to people of all skill levels. Besides auto alignment and tracking, this smart telescope also comes with both manual and automatic focus options. This serves users well with both flexibility and precision at the same time.

We found the auto-focus feature to be super useful when observing celestial bodies, since focus is crucial and it’s nice to see that being out of focus isn’t something you should worry about when you use this telescope.

Another interesting thing about the Dwarf 2 is that it features a variety of modes, including:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Time-lapse

You can even adjust features you’d usually find on a DSLR, such as gain, exposure, white balance, and other settings.

What we like the most about this telescope is its ability to capture panoramic photos, but also the support for burst mode highlight, so this telescope can truly cater photographic needs of different user types.

Increased Versatility With Dual Camera System

One of the best features of the Dwarf 2 smart telescope is the dual camera system, which fits a wide range of photographic and observational interests. With a wide angle and a telephoto camera, this telescope is truly designed for the exploration of the heavens and the earth.

The wide-angle camera allows brilliant shots of panoramic views, and with the 20x optical magnification, it’s a significant upgrade over a rather standard 10x zoom you can find in most telescopes.

A telephoto camera is ideal for everyone who’s interested in astrophotography and whoever wants to capture distant terrestrial bodies. With a 675mm lens on a 35mm camera, you can capture even the tiniest details of galaxies or even star clusters.

Of course, the dual camera setup also simplifies the process while broadening the possibilities. You get to control the system from a smartphone app and you can switch between these cameras to adjust and suit the telescope to your specific needs.

We believe that this is such a convenient feature, especially since it’s combined well with the versatility of the telescope, allowing you to explore the night sky almost anywhere.

Smart Tracking Capability

Besides the automated calibration, the next best thing about the Dwarf 2 smart telescope is the smart tracking capability. This feature ensures that this telescope is calibrated and tailored for astronomical observations.

Using this feature, you’ll get to enjoy automatic tracking of stars across the sky, including the field-rotation-correction algorithm that eliminates image distortion. Dwarf is one of the first to feature artificial intelligence in telescopes, so now the AI helps improve the accuracy of tracked objects in the sky, fully eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

With such automation and smart tracking capability, users can focus on enjoying the views and experience rather than getting the right adjustments.

Great Portability and Wireless Control

Since this telescope weighs only 1.4 kg, it’s very portable, especially considering that it’s also compact and durably designed. Whether you’re going on adventures or would like to enjoy the sky at night from a different location, this is a possibility with the Dwarf 2.

With such ease of use and portability, you won’t have to rely on bulky setups to enjoy some of the breathtaking views from Earth.

To make things even better, Dwarf features wireless connectivity via WiFi that helps you connect your smartphone for easier adjusting, controlling, and switching between the two cameras. We noticed that since there’s wireless connectivity, there’s no need to physically get anything done on the telescope itself, which ensures better stability and accuracy.


Dward 2 is definitely a modern telescope for everyone who wants to get into astrophotography or is looking for help with automation. A user-friendly design makes this telescope easy to use and the wireless connectivity with a dual camera system and auto-tracking capability makes it super fun with no time wasted during the initial setup.

The focus and imaging capabilities ensure high-quality captures, and besides celestial bodies, you can even use this telescope for wildlife.

Some of the greatest things that make this telescope include versatility, accessibility, and high capability. Users from all backgrounds, experiences, and skill levels can take advantage of this smart telescope as a gateway to endless exploration and enjoyment, at a very reasonable price.

What do you like the most about the Dward 2 smart telescope and why?

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