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Best Smart Telescope

Best Smart Telescope

Smart telescopes are the best way to blend traditional stargazing and the latest tech that’s evolving. If you’re looking for the best smart telescope, we’re sure you’ll love the way it can open up the cosmos without requiring any manual or physical adjustments.

The most common features of smart telescopes include automated tracking, built-in celestial databases, and a wireless connection where you can control every aspect of the telescope from your smartphone.

We chose the Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope as one of the best smart telescopes on the market that won’t break the bank but will offer a wide range of features and let you enjoy stunning views. Therefore, keep on reading as we break it down!

Best Smart Teelscope - Celestron NexStar 8SE

Nexstar 8SE Computerized Telescope slightly facing left and pointed to the sky.

Celestron NexStar 8SE isn’t just another smart telescope that can elevate your stargazing experience, but it’s a telescope that can transform it into a breathtaking journey across the stars, so here’s how it can do it.

SkyAlign Technology

Celestron came up with a revolutionary technology that still keeps impressing to this day, and that’s the SkyAlign technology. 

The main goal of this technology is to simplify things such as the initial setup, which makes astronomy approachable and accessible to even people with no experience or skills. While this is something that took quite a lot of time, effort, and knowledge, SkyAlign technology can do it automatically within a reasonable time.

The user only needs to input the date, time, and geographical location into the telescope. From there, NexStar 8SE orients itself and sets itself up for tracking almost any celestial body up in the sky.

We believe that this enhances the stargazing experience, as well as streamlines the setup process. Believe it or not, NexStar 8SE can locate, track, and center over 40,000 celestial objects from its database. This way, you can start exploring galaxies, nebulae, planets, and even stars with very minimal effort.

Automated GoTo Mount

Nexstar 8SE Computerized Telescope backside with an eyepiece attached.

Automated GoTo mount makes this telescope a modern telescope with just this one pivotal feature, serving as a gateway to breathtaking experiences.

The whole purpose of this system is to provide automatic location and tracking of celestial bodies. The database of the NexStar 8SE includes thousands of celestial bodies, as well as stars, galaxies, nebulae, and others.

This smart telescope only needs a first setup to align itself, and from there, it can track almost any object from its database. With this automatic mount, you won’t ever have to manually adjust the telescope, and you won’t even need to do anything physically, yet everything is done virtually.

What we really like about NexStar 8SE is that not only it is really efficient at tracking celestial bodies of your choice, but it also compensates for the Earth’s rotation by slowly moving the telescope to ensure that the object is always in the field of view.

8-inch Aperture

Nexstar 6SE Computerized telescope optical tube.

The 8-inch aperture is a critical feature of this telescope, providing the telescope’s ability to gather light and resolve detail in objects you observe. Therefore, NexStar 8SE’s aperture strikes a great balance between portability and performance, and we noticed that it’s a slightly lighter telescope, providing better observation of the deep sky.

With increased light, the NexStar 8SE telescope provides richer detail, immersive images, and a much more enjoyable stargazing experience. What’s also great about the 8-inch aperture is that it allows the telescope to resolve power and distinguish between objects that are closer together in the sky.

We enjoyed checking out the valleys of the Moon in stunning clarity, and we’re sure that this also applies to the rings of Saturn or even the bands of Jupiter.

Compatibility with High-Tech Accessories

The great thing about NexStar 8SE is that it’s very compatible with other high-tech accessories. This ensures that this telescope isn’t only an advanced and smart telescope, but it also makes it a comprehensive astronomical tool.

With such compatibility, this telescope has a myriad of possibilities for observation of celestial bodies, astrophotography, and even a variety of astronomical interests.

We believe that one of the best accessories you can pair with the NexStar 8SE telescope is the Celestron SkyPortal WiFi module. This module allows wireless connection where you can control the telescope via a smart app. Using the app, you can point this smart telescope to any celestial object at the touch of a screen.

If you’re into astrophotography, you will also benefit by NexStar 8SE’s compatibility with various cameras that can help you capture amazing images of the objects. Lastly, you can even enhance the visibility of specific celestial features with additional eyepieces, which also make a great accessory to have.

Portable and Versatile

Nexstar 8SE Computerized Telescope facing left.

NexStar 8SE is a great example of a telescope that combines smart and user-friendly features with portability. Such a balance is ideal for astronomers of any background and skill level, ensuring a high-level quality for incredible observations, as well as the ease of use of the equipment.

With a single fork arm mount and a removable optical tube, you get a significantly reduced setup time, which enhances its portability. Transportation isn’t an issue either and you get to enjoy the incredible star gazing and celestial body-watching experience from various locations.

Thanks to such a good build quality, user-friendly design, and automation, even beginners won’t have a hard time taking advantage of this telescope to start observing celestial wonders.


Celestron NexStar 8SE is one of the rare telescopes that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design and experience. Such a combination that includes smart features suit every skywatcher. Since such automation and advanced technology are turning a once-complex hobby into a more accessible and enjoyable hobby, anyone can enjoy the mysteries of the night sky with a smart telescope like this one.

NexStar 8SE has a big database featuring about 40,000 celestial bodies and once you make the initial setup, you can let this smart telescope show you your way around the night sky without ever having to do any manual adjustments.

What do you like the most about the NexStar 8SE and why? Do you think it is the best smart telescope on the market?

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